Can you imagine stepping so far back in time that you would see the original fortress walls to the entrance to the ancient City of Laish! When Abraham was called by God to leave his father Terah and travel southwards to the land of Canaan, this city was there!

This site, the Biblical Dan where King Jeroboam I built an altar and a high place with a golden calf to worship 3,000 years ago on the northern boundary of Israel, not only remains intact today, but has been occupied since long before the time of Abraham.

The three mud-brick arches that span the gateway there are the world’s oldest known arches made of this material. The gate, known as “Abraham’s Gate”, is set on sloping earthern ramparts and has a cobblestone leading up to its entrance. Excavations were carried out here from 1966 to 1999 to reveal the city walls, an Israelite sanctuary, sacred pillars, a tomb, many artifacts, and a 15 ½ metre wide, 7 metre tall, 13 ½ metre deep gate complex.

The arches have survived the millennia covered in soil, but soon after its excavation in 1979 the mud-brick of the uncovered eastern face of the gate began to deteriorate. To stabilise this extraordinary discovery, the Israel Antiquities Authority backfilled the central arch and western face off the gate and erected a roof over the still-visible surfaces. Exposure to the elements jeopardises the gate and arch and it is an incredible opportunity to see this for yourself!

Come and join me for the Good News For Israel Historical Tour … this is one of the incredible sites that you will visit.

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God bless you … Pastor Paul Brunton.