On the Good News For Israel Historical Tour this year in October 2019 you will be visiting many different locations that have significant historical and spiritual meaning to those who visit and to those to live in the land of Israel. When you visit the Western Wailing Wall there is a plaque fixed to the wall at the Moghrabi Gate entrance to the Temple Mount that states: “Announcement and Warning – According to Torah Law, entering the Temple Mount area is strictly forbidden due to the holiness of the site.” This is by order of The Chief Rabbinate of Israel!

Rabbinical tradition holds that Jews may not set foot on any part of the esplanade atop of Jerusalem’s holiest site … or can they?

The Temple Mount today is much larger than the Temple Mount described by Jewish historian Josephus or by the oral traditions written down in the Mishnah … a perimeter of 1,500 mtrs today versus 800 or 1,200 mtrs in Josephus or 1,000 mtrs (500 X 500 cubits) in the Mishnah.

It is clear that the entire southern area of the Temple Mount south of the Moghrabi Gate and all of the northern area north of the raised platform around the Dome of the Rock were added by King Herod [see Josephus, Wars, 1, 21, 1]. These areas are, therefore, not included in the sanctified area of the Temple Mount mentioned in the Mishnah.

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God bless you … Pastor Paul Brunton.